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My friend, Amber Puckett, has a beautiful Military Macaw, Chulla, in her flock. As a responsible flock member, Amber is very concerned for the wild Military Macaws in Mexico. She has connected with an organization who works with the Macaws, trying to repopulate their declining numbers. They have a hard time raising operating funds, so Amber would like to ask us to help this beautiful species. This next painting will be donated to Amber’s Military Macaw Organization. Amber has graciously consented to be a guest blogger, to explain the situation and tell us about the organization. Once this painting is dome, we will raffle it off through Chirping Central to do what we can to help. Amber is planning to make a trip there next year, so maybe when she returns, she will do another guest blog to tell us how the struggle is going for these birds. Remember, “Extinction is an option”. If we as human beings take on our stewardship of the earth seriously, we must try to help however we can. I can’t slog around in the jungle, guarding nests, but I can donate my time and talents to those who can. Please join me for another walk on the “WILD” side.

Here is the work so far.MilMacWIP1



Comments on: "Military Macaw WIP" (8)

  1. Debi Bell said:

    Great color and development of the picture

  2. Your technique is amazing. I’m feeling very inspired with your artwork on birds.
    Maybe I’ll try my own one day with copic markers 🙂
    Look forward to seeing your progress

  3. It looks so great! Thanks to all of you… People like you really make the difference. Your faith encourage us to pursue our goals!
    Thanks so much!

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