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Lots of Catch-up!!!

Somehow it became 2014………Time flew by so fast over the Holiday Season, and guess who got caught up and let the BLOGGING slide…….just a little! The Audubon show went great, and I received two commissions from the Kickstarter project, plus another commission which I will talk about later! Add getting ready for a show, with Holidays, and commissions – you get BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!! SO I apologize for letting things slide here and resolve to do better this year!!!

SO you get a lot of Catch Up today. For the Audubon show, I decided to do a lot of new stuff. First, I came up with Christmas ornaments made with my bird art…..then wooden Keepsake boxes….and jewelry/gift bags or sachet bags……you guessed it! Made with the bird art….. Here are a couple of photos……. A few sold at the show, but they were not the great hit that I was hoping for. So there were quite a few left over. I took some time to photograph everything and put them on Etsy. My first time on Etsy and the ornaments sold really well. SO they kept me VERY busy until a few weeks after Christmas. Most of the products were native birds….then my parrot friends started asking for parrot products.

Sooooooooo….once again I got busy and started producing parrot stuff. Took it to the AAS Bird Mart to sell this weekend, and the sales were slow, so now, I have to start up the camera, and get this stuff listed on Etsy to see if there is a Jewelry Bagmarket for it, or if I should just give it up for now and just do the native birds right before Christmas next year. If you would like to check it out:   I will be adding lots of parrot stuff over the next few days, LOL!

During all of this madness, I was contacted by a wonderful woman who supports the Oasis Bird Sanctuary. Her Amazon, Cysco, died last year, she has missed her so much and wanted to get a painting done. As I talked to her and read her letter, I was very touched by her love for Cysco. Each day that I worked on the painting, I would read the letter talking about how Cysco would talk and sing, sometimes even doing a little dance. She talked about how Cysco would snuggle under her hair. It would touch my heart, and I hope that that feeling ran through my brushes and infused themselves in the painting.  This was a very special commission and I hope this painting is able to help her feel Cysco’s love for her every day.

A very special friend of mine had a parakeet, Perky, who also recently died. She commissioned me to do a painting of Perky, which I just completed and will share here too.

Hopefully this will be a wonderful year for all of you……..Best wishes and Blessings! Hope you feel the wind beneath your wings!


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