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More Card Progress

CC1The cards are still on track, also I have started a new project. I got all the ingredients together and made my own gelli plate. I have just started playing around with the process. It is fun! The gelli plate is made with gelatin, water, glycerin and alcohol. It provides a good surface for mono-printing. You put the paint, stencils, cutouts on the gel plate, then press the paper onto the plate to make a print. This is my first real experience with acrylics. Very different than watercolors!  I have two of the gel plate cards in the photo, but am working on more. SO did anyone notice I put one of the cards upside down…..just checking to see if you are paying attention, LOL.

We just got back from the heart of Texas, where we visited with relatives and friends, ate a lot, visited some more, then ate a lot more. The weather was hot one day, cold the next, and windy the next. So it kept us guessing the whole time. I remembered how to say y’all, and saw some really pretty country. The trip was too short! Hopefully will be going back soon. In the meantime hubby got me a new camera lens for Valentine’s Day. It is the Tamron 600mm telephoto lens. I have been taking photos like crazy and putting them on Facebook. Still have tons more, but have to take time to process them. We are going to Sierra Vista to visit some of the birding hotspots, so will even have MORE to post soon.

On the cancer front, the side effects from chemo are slowly fading and I am getting my strength back. Next week is the blood work, then we get the results the following week during a visit with the oncologist. All has been quiet, just waiting for the results. Hope the CEA count is under 10, so I can have a nice rest from chemo!!!!

More cards and some photos to come, so stay tuned!!!!


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