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Carry On

I know you have wondering about the radio silence. Well, list’s just say without going into a lot of detail, I have been very sick. After a horrible bout with dehydration, the oncologist called and said I needed to get back in right away, my CEA was rising and the liver enzymes were way off. We started a new protocol, (weekly) which went for a month. Basically, it  is not working well, so we had been waiting for an insurance authorization for a new protocol. Just got the authorization today and will be starting new treatment tomorrow. Once again this one involves bringing home a portable unit for a day and night. SO I Will go in for treatment on Tuesday, come home with a portable unit, and go back in have the unit removed and get another treatment. Then I get a resting week. My only concern with this protocol is possible neuropathy. If it hits my hands, I will be very challenged to continue art work. So I am hoping for the best as always and thank you for all the prayers, good wishes and positive thoughts!

I have had some wonderful visitors! Thank you all for the encouragement! Hopefully next time, some photos of art or birds!!!!!


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