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Meep! Meep! Almost done!!

The roadrunner is done, the masking has just been taken off of the prickly pear thorns, so still have to spend some time finishing up the stickers! Going cuckoo this week with projects to get finished, LOL! News flash from Liberty Wildlife, the juvenile Condor who has been recovering is doing well and has gone back to the Vermillion Cliffs to be released later in September! It is always awesome to see a bird be released back into the wild! School is starting back up, the traffic is getting heavier and the orphan birds are almost grown, bringing another Arizona summer to an end. Now if the temperatures would just follow along and drop a little, we would appreciate a little relief from the heat! Hey, but that is why we live in ARIZONA!


A Little bit of Roadrunner

OK, so maybe I gave too much information in the last blog! But you have to admit, on the long chance that you decide to try out Wildlife Rehabilitation, it is something you need to know. The home flock has been fed, everyone is quiet, so I am going to try to sneak in an update. Shhhhhhh…………if they hear me typing, someone is bound to want something and start screeching! The background is in, and I have started painting the roadrunner’s head. It is proving to be quite a challenge to get the light colored feathers in. Did not want to mask, so am having to paint around the whites. The lighter browns need to fade into the white, and would have a hard line with masking that would be just as much work to blend back in. Yes, the trials and tribulations of a watercolor artist! With any other media, you could just slap some white on and be done, or erase, but as a watercolor artist, there is SO much negative painting to be done. This update should help you visualize that roadrunner spotting a little mouse and getting ready to take off………No, never mind, you might not want to think about what is going to happen, just enjoy, maybe he is really just going to play some new trick on the Coyote. Actually the male and female are very similar, so I don’t know if this Mr. or Mrs. Roadrunner. However, he could be Mr. or Miss since the red is not quite as large as it is for a fully grown roadrunner. Oh I forgot, don’t have that part painted yet, LOL. This is another species which used to be quite common, however, due to land development, they are becoming scarce, particularly in Southern California.

Whooo Hoooo…….the Birds are still quiet…….Oh No……….that must mean they are up to something….I had better check on them, cross your fingers that I still have anything wood left in that room, LOL.

Meep! Meep! And there was CACTUS!!!

The WIP is rocking along, the Prickly Pear Cactus is in, so the Roadrunner does not look like it is spewing the desert behind him, LOL. SO don’t judge the thorns yet, they are still covered with masking. That will be one of the last details to finish, in case I have to do any more washes on the cactus. Next, I will work on the background, leaving the little guy for last! Just a little roadrunner trivia for any of you who have ever considered trying out Wildlife Rehabilitation. When working with roadrunners – avoid getting pooped on AT ALL COSTS! They have the most disgusting smelling mutes, only a bird with internal injuries, or a few of the water birds even come close to that smell. Just file that one at the back of your brain just in case you have a roadrunner encounter. A member of the Cuckoo family, the Greater Roadrunner is a common sight in Arizona.  Their foot formation is zygodactyl, like parrots.( That means they have two toes in front and two toes in back – for my friends who are not bird fanatics.) Many people think that they are cruel because they commonly beat their prey on a rock. However, this is really an aid to their digestion process since they do not have sharp talons or tearing beaks, so they swallow their food whole. SO next time you see a roadrunner beating a mouse or small bird on the rocks – don’t judge.

A Great Big CONGRATULATIONS to Jim Nixon, who won the “Vanishing Species” Kakapo painting. Stay tuned for the winner of “Unforgettable” raffle which ends in September. If you would like to buy tickets – go to the Alex Foundation website and go CRAZY!!!

New WIP……Meep Meep!!!!

Wow, so much is happening this week, don’t know where to start. Blu Lu will be drawing the winner of “Vanishing Species” at the AFA convention in San Antonio tomorrow, can’t wait to see who wins! “Unforgettable” a portrait of Alex is being raffled off on the Alex Foundation website. In case you haven’t bought tickets yet, the web address is

My new website is under construction! And the new WIP, Meep Meep! has been started. The cholla(Debi, the two l’s make a ‘y’ sound, LOL)  limb is painted in and the masking for the thorns on the prickly pear is all on and dried, just waiting for some paint. No that is not the roadrunner spraying poop, LOL. Roadrunner to follow soon. It cooled off to the low 90’s today, so we are all pulling out our sweaters here in Arizona, just in case it goes below 90. Would not want to freeze to death! Any indication of going into the 80’s will send us all digging for our winter coats. Football has started and the new television season is about to kick off, so the couch is cringing thinking about all the use it is going to get over the next few months! Notice, I am blogging at night while the birdies are asleep, so as not to be continually interrupted by their noisy demands. Don’t have to worry about my keyboard buttons being chewed off, the brushes and pencils are safe and no one wants food, toys or attention. Hubby is absorbed in a football game, so Whoooooo Hooooooo!!! I have time to blog. Maybe I should be taking a nap……….hmmmmmmm……….yawn………..nite!

Whooo Hoooo New website is going up

If you haven’t seen it on Facebook or Twitter, the new website is going up as I have time. Please take a look and give feedback!

In the meantime, I have not quit working, the new piece is in progress and will be posting the WIP soon! Just in case you need a hint…………………Meep Meep!

Here a hack, there a hack, here a spam…

Since the spamming involved Facebook and Twitter, and I don’t know how many other accounts, I am going to blog about it, then hopefully it will hit all of my accounts so you will know I did not intentionally spam you! If you get an unusual message from me, asking you to click on a website for a funny video or something – I DID NOT SEND IT – on purpose. I got the message from a trusted person, clicked on it, and my FB account went crazy! SO please DO NOT CLICK it! I had change my password to even log back in, and in the meantime the damage was done. Sorry folks, but it happens. It is what it is… in the cyber world, LOL. Since I need to be connected to share my art, I just live with it and go on. Thanks for not deleting me!


Another Time Out For Commercial Break!

The raffle for the Kakapo Painting,”Vanishing Species”, will be done at the AFA conference in San Antonio, August 18th. Barbara Heidenreich’s Blu Lu(Blue Fronted Macaw) will be picking the winner and the drawing will close at midnight Aug 17, so that all of the tickets can be converted to a form that Blue Lu is used to working with. Blu Lu will also be picking the winners of her last three paintings. If you would like to see her in action, there is a wonderful video of her picking the winners of the paintings she did to benefit the Bird Endowment.

There is still time to buy tickets for both raffles! Go to  and/or

Hurry! only two weeks left to support these wonderful projects!

If you are attending the AFA Conference, hopefully you can meet Barbara and Blu Lu along with Mary Rose of Chirping Central. Please stop in, say HI!, and buy LOTS of tickets!

Now back to your regularly scheduled program!

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