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Happy New Year!

Christmas With Family

Christmas With Family

Hope you have a purr-rect New Year, which brings you love, family, prosperity and lots of good stuff! As I reflect on 2015, I am grateful for my family and friends. It was a little difficult, but family and friends always came through, making it so much easier to get through two rounds of chemo, and one surgery. Family is healthy- art is flourishing,-and the parrots and kitties are all well, happy, and continuing with therapy. So the hair is almost gone, I am sporting the “baby grackle” look again, but it is a great time for hats. You never realize how your hair keeps your head warm until it is gone. Hooray for hats!!!

Here’s to 2016, the best year ever!!!!!


Up Close and ‘Purr’sonal

Dante's kitty therapy session

Dante’s kitty therapy session

Since I am always writing about kitty and bird therapy, I thought it would be good to post some kitty therapy photos.

See my tuxedo

See my tuxedo?

Cats sleep 20 plus hours a day, and my guys LOVE their mealtime……so I am very grateful that they can take some time in their BUSY schedules to volunteer for kitty therapy. LOL. Dante spends a little more volunteer time than Rusty, who is older and much wiser.



The first 3 photos are of Dante, laying on my chest, purring away. He is hard to photograph, because he is your basic scaredy cat.



Have you ever tried to get a shot of a cat laying on your chest without disturbing him or scaring him away, LOL. I have claw marks along with the photos! Next, I have posted a photo of Rusty with his version of kitty therapy. It looks like he can’t stay awake, but the purr motor is running on all cylinders!

Leather Dreamcatcher - BuffaloHe tends to hang out with hubby, and loves licking hubby’s head.

Just to show that I have been busy during my birthday present feeling good after chemo week: last but not least is the dreamcatcher I gave Candy for Christmas. Will be starting a new drawing this week, if I can work with winter dry skin split fingers. I have them all covered in liquid bandage, but it doesn’t stay on long, have to redo it almost every time I wash my hands. Think I will try the bag balm and wear gloves to sleep, maybe that will help. Not counting on chemo week next week to be as good as last week, so if I fall into Rip Van Winkle land next week and don’t blog, all of the flock and pride wish you all a Wonderful, Fabulous, Happy, Merry Christmas!


Only Two More!…Raven

Yesterday, the Az Cardinals played football(yes they won!!) and Coach Arians was shown several times saying, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” The original quote is attributed to Gregory Peck, but I am sure this saying is a lot older. It reflects the spirit of optimism and hope, and is going to be one of my mantras during this battle against cancer. The current CEA count is 29.1, which is fast approaching our goal of under ten! Heading in the right direction! So when I am feeling sick from chemo, I can still say, “it is working, it is working!” Whoooo Hooooo! Only two more chemo treatments! However, I received the greatest birthday present this week. No nausea during this chemo week. It is the first time in almost one year of chemo treatments, and I have enjoyed it to the max! Take that cancer! Pow! Pow!


Rupert – Raven Dreamcatcher


Here is  the Dreamcatcher I have been working on. Rupert is one of the ravens at Liberty Wildlife. He is quite the character and one of my favorite ravens ever. He talks in different voices and is just so intelligent! Barbara Delve(another Rupert devotee) took the photograph and was so kind as to let me use it for a reference for this special Dreamcatcher. Thanks so much Barb! This one went to Jan Miller as a big Thank You for all of her work at Liberty Wildlife, and her love and support during this cancer battle. Also a big Thank You to Margaret V for giving me a ride to Liberty to deliver Rupert. This was such a fun and special project, it is a blessing to be able to be involved in projects like this.

I have been having lots of kitty and parrot therapy and am felling well, with some tiredness. The guys have been really good, and I am wondering what they are really up to? SO if you figure it out, let me know!!!! Back to Rip Van Winkle land…….zzzzzzzzzzzz.

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