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Wow, so much is happening this week, don’t know where to start. Blu Lu will be drawing the winner of “Vanishing Species” at the AFA convention in San Antonio tomorrow, can’t wait to see who wins! “Unforgettable” a portrait of Alex is being raffled off on the Alex Foundation website. In case you haven’t bought tickets yet, the web address is

My new website is under construction! And the new WIP, Meep Meep! has been started. The cholla(Debi, the two l’s make a ‘y’ sound, LOL)  limb is painted in and the masking for the thorns on the prickly pear is all on and dried, just waiting for some paint. No that is not the roadrunner spraying poop, LOL. Roadrunner to follow soon. It cooled off to the low 90’s today, so we are all pulling out our sweaters here in Arizona, just in case it goes below 90. Would not want to freeze to death! Any indication of going into the 80’s will send us all digging for our winter coats. Football has started and the new television season is about to kick off, so the couch is cringing thinking about all the use it is going to get over the next few months! Notice, I am blogging at night while the birdies are asleep, so as not to be continually interrupted by their noisy demands. Don’t have to worry about my keyboard buttons being chewed off, the brushes and pencils are safe and no one wants food, toys or attention. Hubby is absorbed in a football game, so Whoooooo Hooooooo!!! I have time to blog. Maybe I should be taking a nap……….hmmmmmmm……….yawn………..nite!


Comments on: "New WIP……Meep Meep!!!!" (8)

  1. Debi Bell said:

    It is about time you got to work. So when I pronounced both lla how do you know I wasn’t speaking another language?

  2. I can tell already I’m gonna like it! I love roadrunners! It’s crazy, but every time I go to the zoo I say to myself, “I’m going to photograph some animals today…” Then I come home with bird photos… what gives??? I know there are real animals there, but my camera turns a blind eye to them. I would have a strong talk with her, but since my photo class starts in about a week, I don’t want to upset her. I want her to be nice for the teacher. I hope he likes birds…

    • Good luck with the teacher liking animals, I took two semesters at the local community college and we weren’t allowed to photograph animals or children, he wanted us to learn art, not the Awwwwww factor, LOL.

  3. Ok… I left a comment (quite a clever one, I might add) and it is not showing up anywhere. Now I can’t repeat cleverness like that, so I’ll just say I love the new WIP and leave it at that. Perhaps I’ll be clever again tomorrow, who knows…

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