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AS you probably have guessed, the CEA count went down 75 so we are on the right track again!!! We had an appointment at TGEN and were assured this is not the last chemo protocol available, there are some meds that will stop the cancer growth once I get the CEA count low, so I can go off of chemo for a while!!!!! Also there are new clinical studies going on and they will be watching for one that might help me. First, I have to finish this protocol – 4 more months and meanwhile they are sending my liver biopsy for some further study to determine more cancer markers which will help determine if a clinical study will help or not. SO we left feeling very hopeful for the future!!!!

My Beatitudes exhibition came down and there are left over pieces, which I will be putting on ETSY – Arlene Powers soon. Just have to photograph each one first.

I had the great pleasure of going to the Liberty Wildlife Grand opening. I had tears in my eyes the whole time. The new facility is AMAZING! After my 14 years of hearing,” maybe in two years”, it is finally a reality.They are really going to be a BIG asset in helping Wildlife rehabilitate, educate the public and in conservation. I was overwhelmed by the facility and by my peeps who took care that I saw almost every inch. I miss you guys so much, I cried on the way home because I miss you all and the feathered, furry, and scaled guys.

Some of my Peeps with Noelle’s Dad!

Til’ next time!!!


Comments on: "Down, Down, Whoo Hoooo!" (10)

  1. Arlene, what WONDERFUL news!!! Four months will pass at the blink of an eye!
    Much, much Love!

  2. Love you, Arlene! So happy to hear the good news!

  3. Noelle Fontaine said:

    YEAY!!! Best NEWS EVER!!!:):) My Dad had The best time!!:)

  4. YAY, great news. I so wish more people would take advantage of clinical trials. They can look up trials at Having been part of bringing at least two monoclonal antibody treatments to approval by the FDA, I know how valuable these trials can be for a person who thinks they are out of options. Way to go, Arlene. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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