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Shape of Things to come…….

HummingHum, hum, hum……….OK, so I don’t know the words…….hum, hum, hum. Actually the new painting is of an Anna’s hummingbird taking a little sip of nectar, it is making me hungry. Maybe it would be better to blog after lunch! As you can see, the background is in, leaving the holes where the painting will be!  So unit the next update, think I will go have lunch!


Me Too!

HummingbirdCandy is chanting : “Step Away from the Painting!” as I continue to find little tiny places for negative painting, so finally have to step away, LOL. Here are the last steps and the finished painting. The reference photo came from Ramsey Canyon during our trip there in May. We just missed migration, but did catch several species of hummingbirds nesting. This Broadbill family was just too good to pass up. We hope to get back there next year during migration.Mee Too!

I just found out that “Mingus” is being raffled off right now to raise money for the Oasis Bird Sanctuary:

There is an article with links on the home page, a link on the scrolling banner on the home page (pic #2), and the ticket purchase option is in our SHOP (last tab on the horizontal menu) The drawing will be November 3, 2003

And last but not least the Kickstarter Project: Native Birds II is now 63% funded!

Check it out at:

Back to the Drawing Board… project….another hummingbird!

Hummingbird Don’t Fly Away!

Hummingbird feeding babies.

Hummingbird feeding babies.

Here is the background for the first Hummingbird painting! With the Kickstarter Project going, I am really motivated to get these last two or three paintings done, so I can have them scanned and printed for the Audubon Show in November. The creative juices are flowing, and I cannot get the paint on the paper fast enough. But not fast enough to avoid all of the cat hair around here, LOL! Thanks goodness for drafting brushes! It is a constant battle to keep the cat hair brushed away. The cats are DETERMINED to get some fur framed in my paintings! And if I don’t have enough fur around here with four cats, Missy(Candy’s kitty) is just as determined to leave hair on everything. Can anyone explain how we vacuum up enough cat fur daily to produce a whole ‘nother cat, and there is still cat hair EVERYWHERE?!?!?!?!? Guess I had better get back to painting….hey…..get off of my desk! Yes, you Dante! No just because he left, doesn’t mean you can get up there Rusty…..go play with your cat toys! Aaaaaargh!

Step Away From the Blue Jay!

Blue JayCandy says the Blue Jay is done and to step away from the painting! SO here it is for your viewing pleasure. I was very pleased with the way the eyes turned out! Don’t forget you now only have 29 days to back my Kickstarter project.

Blue Jay………..Cont……… Again

Whoooooo Hoooooooo! My Kickstarter Project has gone live and you can check it out here:

Blue JayPlease share with anyone who loves birds and who might be willing to back the project! Thanks! In the meantime, here is the latest update on Blue Jay. The painting is progressing even though I have had to spend time on getting the Kickstarter project going and filling out applications for all of the fall shows. Now it is just hurry up and wait to find out which shows will have Arlene’s Bird Art in them! There may be some fingernails left after all of the suspense…but don’t worry….you will be the first to get the breaking news!…….Live and breaking newsflash! Shirley Perkins has backed the Kickstarter Project! Whooo Hoooo, here we go!

Blue Jay……….Continued

Blue JayThe Blue Jay painting is progressing. He is looking like a ghost with white eyes, but we will fix that soon! So stay tuned…….In the meantime, I have submitted a Kickstarter project to raise funds to scan the “Native Bird II” paintings, and to print cards and Giclées for this series. In addition to the three Jay paintings and the Woodpecker couple I am hoping to get in at least one Humming Bird and a Wilson’s Warbler to round out the collection. If the Kickstarter project is approved, I will be asking for all of your help and support. So sit back have some popcorn, a Mountain Dew, and you will be the first to get the latest breaking news.

Blue Jay

BlueJayStarted the Blue Jay this week. You never know If I will start with the background or the subject, it seems that this time, the paper wants the background first, and an artist MUST listen to the paper! It has been a busy summer at Liberty Wildlife, the babies are still coming in! Here are a few photos of last weeks patients. First the baby Cottontails, they are just WAY too cute! Next, a Kingbird with cataracts who is being hand fed. What a little cutie. Then the baby Mockingbirds, who are FULL of personality!!

We visited the Lava Caves in Flagstaff and had a great adventure last weekend. Looking forward to the next trip there! Hope you all have a great summer and stay cool!

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