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The other stuff you do on the way…

Eagle Owl in FlightCandy is telling me to step away from the painting, so here it is. Having the experience of not finishing the Cockatoo tail though I think I will stare at this one a while just to make sure.

Sometimes it is hard to accomplish a particular task because of all the other stuff you do on the way to completing it. On the way to finishing this painting, I had to take a time out to learn Adobe Light Room, so that I could pare down my 30,000 photos to a manageable number and organize them.. They are only down to 25,000, so it is not manageable yet, but slowly I am getting there. Better late than never! On the way to learning Adobe Light Room, I had to learn Adobe Elements….and on the way there….LOL! And so forth. This is what keeps life interesting. Since it is a continual learning process, it is fun….just wish I had the quickness of brain function that I had years ago, it seems like more of a struggle now. Am still waiting for a personal assistant to help me organize all of this, sell the artwork, manage the website, manage the Etsy store, and run the art booths,  so all I have to do is take the photos and paint! LOL, every artist’s dream….Since that person still hasn’t shown up, guess I will just keep going along getting caught in all the other stuff you do on the way……so where are you going and what other stuff are you doing on the way?


WIP Eagle Owl

Oops, I forgot to take a photo of last week’s update, so you get this week instead… is a busy week! The Day at The Oasis is this Sat, I will be attending and having a table for “meet the Artist”, LOL! Will be face and hand painting, so if you are going, please stop by my table! We went to Sierra Vista, took some bird photos, which I have posted on my Facebook Artist Page, please feel free to peruse at your pleasure!  It was nice to get out of the heat, had a little rain, and greatly enjoyed all the beautiful birds in the area. So without further ado, here is the update…..catch ya next week!

Eagle Owl WIP

Eagle Owl WIP

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