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Approaching Last Chemo, New WIP – Fox

Approaching the last chemo, it seems like it takes a little longer after each treatment to get my energy back. But next week is the last chemo, so I have 4-6 weeks to recover before surgery. Happy dance! Happy Dance! Feeling a little down this morning when a Facebook Post from one of my dear friends raised me up and put me back on a good path. It is amazing to have so many people in my life who care. Thanks so much Judith Bert! Once again, Thanks to all of you for the FB messages, texts, blog replies, phone calls, and emails, they all lift me up!

Pastel Pencil on Canson Board(black)

Pastel Pencil on Canson Board(black)

Next week during my chemo, my husband and I will be having our 31st anniversary. Just want to take a time out to say that I could not have made this journey without him! He has taken such good care of me and I am so blessed to be his wife. On our first visit to the Oncologist, George told me I would not be alone on this journey, that he would be with me every step of the way. It brought tears to my eyes and I will never to be able to express how much I love him and thank God every day for bringing him into my life. He has taken me to every treatment, appointment, and test and has been there every second of the way. He has seen me puking my guts out, with chemo burn, and looking like a baby grackle with my almost bald head and still tells me I am beautiful and that he loves me. For those of you who think I am brave, let me tell you, I am not. But with a love like that, how could I not face this War on Cancer with ferocity? Love gives me wings.

This week the new WIP is a fox. We have visited Bearizona several times and this little guy fascinates me. He is so cute and furry that I just have to give him a go. Hope you enjoy! Last chemo next week… happy Dance…happy dance……


Only one more chemo after this one! Mountain Chickadees matted.

Mountain Chickadees Pastel Pencil on Ingres

Mountain Chickadees
Pastel Pencil on Ingres

Before I fall asleep, just wanted to say, this is the Next To The Last Chemo Treatment!!!! Whoooo Hoooo!

The Mountain Chickadees are matted.

The birds and kitties are fed.

Peace out!!!!

Quick Update – Chickadees Almost Done!

Chickadees almost done! Pastel Pencil on Ingres.

Chickadees – Pastel Pencil on Ingres.

This has been a good resting week. As it moves along at the speed of light, I am feeling energized and ready for next week. Especially since there is a BIG light at the end of the tunnel.

The chickadees are almost done, I just have to do some color adjusting on the second one, so that they will look good together in a frame, and do the shading at the outer edges. These guys are just so cute, they have been fun to work on.

Hope you all have a wonderful, fun, happy weekend!

Energy Levels Up, My Little Chickadees

First Chickadee - Pastel Pencil

First Chickadee – Pastel Pencil

Whew, last week’s chemo really took it out of me. Didn’t get back to the “New Normal” until Monday. Am feeling much better this week, nausea finally cleared up and have some energy. Now I feel like celebrating “Only Two Chemos Left!” Even though I was happy, was just too tired to celebrate last week, so let’s party now! Whooo Hooo! Thanks SO much to all of you who are praying, sending positive thoughts and good wishes. You are the wind beneath my wings!

A shout out to say: Happy Birthday to my talented, intelligent, beautiful daughter, Melissa! Thanks for all of your visits, prayers and support! Also Happy Birthday to Debi, my wonderful sister! Thanks for all of your prayers, support and packages! You guys are a great part of my family team!P1S

Am back to work this week on two pastel pencil drawings of Mountain Chickadees, here is the progress on the first one. We saw them in Flagstaff last year, and I am just now getting around to them. I am thinking of framing them as a diptych since the Ingres pastel paper is smaller than the papers I usually work on. I was a little disappointed in the Ingres Paper as it came with a little fold in it, but I guess that is what happens on the long trip from England. It does not disappoint as far as working with it though, it takes the pastel layers wonderfully. So you will be seeing a few drawings on it, LOL.

Talk to the Tail!

Talk to the Tail!

Hubby took me to Sahuaro Ranch Park the last couple of days to see the peacocks. The males are starting to display their gorgeous tails and vibrating like crazy to get the females attention. The peahens are still ignoring them, lol. Most of the males have big, beautiful tails, and the display is amazing. There was one little guy who must be this year’s clutch, his tail was only about a foot long, but he was strutting his stuff as proudly as the big guys. We had a good chuckle at his expense, but he was just so darn cute!



It has been nice to sit out on the patio in the sun and watch the backyard birds since it is in the 80’s here. We( I should say hubby, I just watched,LOL) took all of the parrots out on the patio this weekend, and they really enjoyed it! A hummingbird kept buzzing Loki though, and she was getting a little annoyed with him. I think the hummer thought she was some kind of big flower with her bright blue and yellow. It is a good thing the little guy did not slow down or, he would have been caught by a BIG parrot beak.  Well….guess it is back to the birds for now! Update soon.

Only 2 Chemos left! Elk WIP

China silk scarves

China silk scarves

Sorry to take so long to blog this week, but after chemo treatment # 10, I am tired, tired, tired, exhausted. Have slept a lot this week – pretty much waking up to take nausea meds and occasionally check in on Facebook. Hopefully will have a little more energy next week and will do a little longer blog. Since this was treatment # 10, the GREAT news is ONLY two more to go!!!!! Whoooo Hoooo. Will have a new tumor marker numbers next week, as they only do them once a month, but am sure it will be good news. Cancer take that – POW!!! POW!!!! POW!!!!

Sister Debi, this photo is for you – the silk scarves from China you sent. With the hair slowly disappearing, it is nice to have something pretty on my head! You can see the port really well too. It saves me from MANY bruises!


Elk on Black All Media Board – Pastel Pencil

The elk is about finished, I definitely am liking him better on black, but take a look and decide for yourself! Nap time, catch ya next week.

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