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Congratulations to Janice Boyd who won the painting of the Puerto Rican Parrot!!! A little over $680 was raised for the Puerto Rican Parrot Project and the Puerto Rican Genome Project. Special Thanks go to to Mary Rose of Chirping Central who ran the raffle!!! Stay Tuned for the Kakapo Project! First, though a little native bird project has been started and we will be posting photos soon! Happy 2012!


Happy New Year!!! Puerto Rican Amazon Final!

Hi, Hope all of you are having a Wonderful start to your New Year! So far so good here. The weather is amazing, just like spring here in Sunny Arizona. Yes, the Puerto Rican Amazon painting is done. Candy said “STEP AWAY FROM THE PAINTING!” So I will post it for your perusal and obey Candy, or else will continue to do little details and not have it ready in time to travel with Mary Rose to the Houston Parrot Festival.
Hope lots of you will support the Puerto Rican Parrot and Puerto Rican Genome Projects and buy LOTS of raffle tickets at the Houston Parrot Festival!!!!
Blogging back at you soon with a new WIP!

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