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Eye, Eye, Sir!

MilMacWip9Or is that Aye, aye, Sir. At any rate, it is time to step away from the painting and see if there are some areas that need more work.  So aye will leave this piece sitting on the easel for a couple of days and if everything still looks good, will sign it. Wishing all of you and your flocks a very HAPPY New Year filled with lots of fun stuff!


Burrowing Owl……….Cont….

Here is today’s update on the burrowing owl………I know TWO updates in one week! Just trying to get one in while there is time! Life around here is subject to immediate changes, so always be prepared. I hear splashing in the other room! That means it is bath-time for the birds! If one starts bathing, pretty soon it is a BATHFEST! So guess who gets to clean up afterwards! Sounds like I had better grab the mop! Later!

Eagle Charcoal………cont.

This one is moving along pretty well…..OR……..I blinked again, LOL, not sure which! OK, so I was a little confused about the date, but my Kickstarter project closes today! I was only one day off. So am trying to sneak in a blog at the end of the week in case I am too busy putting rewards together and mailing stuff next week. I will try to take a little time off to finish Libby, because this is one of the projects that nags at me when I am not working on it. It calls my name and says, “Get back here to your desk and work!” Maybe that is one of the parrots! Whoever it is, wish they would quit nagging, LOL.

BTW, the weather here is GORGEOUS!!!! Finally cooled down into the 90’s yesterday, and today is in the mid 70”s. Some storm from California moved in, and cooled us down, we had a little rain, some nice breezes, the air is clean, and it is amazing. The birds are loving having all the doors and windows open and are looking to spending some outdoor time. The drawing is calling, so see you soon with the next installment!

Meep Meep! About Done!

The roadrunner is about done and so am I! Had to have a colonoscopy this week, and all that prep work has exhausted me. Glad it is over!! It is rough getting older – even though I am still only 49 again, LOL. As soon as this blog is done it is DEFINITELY nap time! Whew! How do you people over 50 do it! All those tests and Dr visits just to stay healthy. Well, as they say….it IS better than the alternative. Candy is catching up with me on her “Wooly Bear” painting, so I have to hurry and get this posted, wouldn’t have anything to tease her about if she finishes first, LOL! Hubby was extra nice and fed the velociraptors their breakfast this AM, so I could get some extra rest before being put to sleep for the procedure. They hear me typing, so think I will not see them making their way to my drawing table to start the chewing festival with my brushes and pencils. AHA! Caught you! OK, back to the play stands! What do you mean Dad did not give you enough nuts? Hey George, how many nuts did you give Loki? That many?!?!?! Hmmmmmmm………better get the scales out……someone may need to go on a little diet and exercise program. OK…parrots, line it up! let’s start with jumping jacks……hup…two….three……four. What do you mean you can’t do jumping jacks? Ok push ups……..hup…… two……jog around the room fifty times….no – JOG!…….Ok fly…….Camp Beenie in session…….out!

A Little bit of Roadrunner

OK, so maybe I gave too much information in the last blog! But you have to admit, on the long chance that you decide to try out Wildlife Rehabilitation, it is something you need to know. The home flock has been fed, everyone is quiet, so I am going to try to sneak in an update. Shhhhhhh…………if they hear me typing, someone is bound to want something and start screeching! The background is in, and I have started painting the roadrunner’s head. It is proving to be quite a challenge to get the light colored feathers in. Did not want to mask, so am having to paint around the whites. The lighter browns need to fade into the white, and would have a hard line with masking that would be just as much work to blend back in. Yes, the trials and tribulations of a watercolor artist! With any other media, you could just slap some white on and be done, or erase, but as a watercolor artist, there is SO much negative painting to be done. This update should help you visualize that roadrunner spotting a little mouse and getting ready to take off………No, never mind, you might not want to think about what is going to happen, just enjoy, maybe he is really just going to play some new trick on the Coyote. Actually the male and female are very similar, so I don’t know if this Mr. or Mrs. Roadrunner. However, he could be Mr. or Miss since the red is not quite as large as it is for a fully grown roadrunner. Oh I forgot, don’t have that part painted yet, LOL. This is another species which used to be quite common, however, due to land development, they are becoming scarce, particularly in Southern California.

Whooo Hoooo…….the Birds are still quiet…….Oh No……….that must mean they are up to something….I had better check on them, cross your fingers that I still have anything wood left in that room, LOL.

A chick here, a chick there……..

Have you guys had enough of the “Oops I did it again!” posts? So does that tell you how my day started. The parrots were running out of stuff for their breakfast, I had to do a QUICK store run and VOILA, as I am walking into the store I see green paint all over my arm. Luckily, these days the stores all have the wipes at the front of the store. But I shudder to think of the green paint trail that could have traced my path through the store. SO what went wrong, you say. No one in my family was here to do the customary “Mom is leaving the house poop and paint check”. Of course, I cannot be bothered with that (even if by some chance I could happen to remember)………so I came up with a great idea. You guys are going to be responsible for the “leaving the house” check when my family is not available. Now that this issue is settled once and for all, the quail have all appeared, and the time is here to call on ……….Beenie to do the fore”ground”. This will be a messy process, so I suggest that for this session, you remember to bring any of your protective gear, umbrellas, and stand back! While you run for cover, I will prepare the colors for Beenie………wait Beenie, not purple……..Arghhhhh…..NO! Chartreuse is definitely out……….Orange! No! What are you thinking?……..

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