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Update on Chula

For those of you who followed the Chula WIP, tickets are on sale for the raffle. Check out the following:



Eye, Eye, Sir!

MilMacWip9Or is that Aye, aye, Sir. At any rate, it is time to step away from the painting and see if there are some areas that need more work.  So aye will leave this piece sitting on the easel for a couple of days and if everything still looks good, will sign it. Wishing all of you and your flocks a very HAPPY New Year filled with lots of fun stuff!

Time Marches On!

MilMacWIP4The background is in! Time is marching on so fast, it is REALLY hard to believe this year is almost over and soon we will be welcoming the new year in! Happy New year to all of you. Wishing you all of the best for the year to come.

MilMacWIP5Since the Holidays are still here, you get another WIP photo today. On this one, the red feathers have been painted in. Not long now, just get the eyes in and Candy will be telling me to Step away from the painting. Hey Amber, are you seeing these updates while you are on vacation? If not, you will have a surprise when you get back!

It is such a blessing that Chulla did not have to come to my house to pose. My flock would have told her to stop working for peanuts, and would have given Chulla Ripley’s(the African Grey Lawyer) phone number, and we would have had a strike on our hands and would probably end up paying for modeling with pistachio nuts. Hopefully the word doesn’t get out until after this painting is done!

Wishing all of you a HAPPY New Year!!!!





Marching Along….

MilMacWIP2LOL, couldn’t resist. Since Amber is sitting on pins and needles waiting for this update, thought I would go ahead and post two updates before the holidays get here and there is too much celebrating to get any painting done! SO Amber………these two are for you! Chulla is just starting to pop out of the paper. Hope all of you have wonderful holidays, eat lots of good food, get some great presents, and spend some wonderful time with all of your loved ones! Human, feathered, furred, and scaled friends….wishing all of you a Happy, Joyful New Year!  March, March, March, March…….. the parrots go marching one by one……hurrah………MilMac3

Military Macaw WIP

My friend, Amber Puckett, has a beautiful Military Macaw, Chulla, in her flock. As a responsible flock member, Amber is very concerned for the wild Military Macaws in Mexico. She has connected with an organization who works with the Macaws, trying to repopulate their declining numbers. They have a hard time raising operating funds, so Amber would like to ask us to help this beautiful species. This next painting will be donated to Amber’s Military Macaw Organization. Amber has graciously consented to be a guest blogger, to explain the situation and tell us about the organization. Once this painting is dome, we will raffle it off through Chirping Central to do what we can to help. Amber is planning to make a trip there next year, so maybe when she returns, she will do another guest blog to tell us how the struggle is going for these birds. Remember, “Extinction is an option”. If we as human beings take on our stewardship of the earth seriously, we must try to help however we can. I can’t slog around in the jungle, guarding nests, but I can donate my time and talents to those who can. Please join me for another walk on the “WILD” side.

Here is the work so far.MilMacWIP1


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