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Whooooo Hooooo finished chemo number 9 today , leaving three to go!!!!! Almost over, and it is going fast. Cannot wait to be able to taste food again without this awful metallic taste in my mouth. Ok, so I lose the tan, but get my hair back!!!First update

Today’s drawing is only able to take place because of a friend of mine, Ashley F. She has loaned a very personal picture to me to draw, because I want to share this experience with all of you. Ashley was seeing her papa in the hospital, who was dying from cancer.Hands2 She took a photo of them holding hands with her cell phone. It is beautiful and tells a story with no words. Ashley and I have agreed on the title, since this is the last time she saw him, we are calling it “Addio Dolce”or Sweet Farewell.

Many of us have to fight cancer or say goodbye to someone with cancer. There are so many kinds, this is a disease, which we must learn to conquer. It causes such emotional, physical and spiritual pain. Cancer does not make an appointment or knock on the door! It just lets itself in and it is up to find it. Be vigilant! Catch it early to give you the best odds of beating it… let’s go beat up cancer some more. Smile, laugh, enjoy life, each on of these actions in another POW POW to cancer!Hand3



Comments on: "Two Thirds….Thank you Ashley." (8)

  1. Beautiful work on the drawing, Bert. And the best title ever. Keep spreading the word to stamp out cancer Bert! I love you forever. You’ll always be the Bertimus Maximus.

  2. Beautiful drawing, Bert. And what a perfect title. Keep spreading the word to stomp out all cancer by catching it early. Love you forever. You will always be the Bertimus Maximus.

  3. Touching and meaningful ~ congratulations on your journey and your message is a beautiful one.

  4. yay! life is precious and living is, too

  5. Beautiful artwork. So meaningful. So precious. Wishing you a non-metal tasting Thanksgiving dinner.

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