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So Candy is saying, “Step Away From the painting”, as I continue to make little adjustments. Owwww, Candy don’t throw stuff at me, you might hit the painting…..Okay…..Okay, I get it! So folks, guess I will sign it and step away, LOL. Ok, so here it is….with all of the cat hair removed! Darn cats, I caught one of them walking across the painting on my desk, I know he was intentionally shedding hair all over it! Thank goodness for drafting brushes and roller tape…….bwa ha ha ha! Foiled the cats again. Owwwww! What was that scratch for? What do you mean it looks batter with cat hairs on it!?!?!?!?

Time out for a commercial break! Don’t forget my kickstarted project!  Even though it is fully funded, I still have to get the current painting scanned for prints, have cards made, etc. in addition to the framing costs for the upcoming show! Prints of Triple Time Blues will be available as a choice for any rewards including a Giclee print! The rewards are a better deal than the normal prices, so check it out!!! You only have until July 8th!

Meanwhile back at our regularly scheduled programming: Tune in next week to see if the cats manage to get more cat hair on the painting before I get it to the printers!!!!Triple Time Blues


Comments on: "Step Away From the Painting! AGAIN!" (2)

  1. it is stunning!

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