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Seriously, have you ever tried to mat and frame a painting in a house full of cat fur?!??! First, you have to brush the painting thoroughly, use a tape roller to remove any missed hairs. Then the mat must be cut and secured to the painting, making sure to put acid free board behind the painting to protect the back. NOW you are almost ready. Quickly clean the glass and use canned air to remove any missed cat hairs, and QUICKLY put the matted painting into the frame………..OH NO… hair behind the glass…….OK, so we repeat procedure, brush and tape roller painting and glass………and  OH NO!!!!! Still cat fur behind the glass……..Ok, repeat procedure again……… still cat hair. Ok, so hang the painting with the cat hair……..sigh…….guess the cat hair makes the painting look better. You know come to think of it, I saw an original Van Gogh at the museum, and noticed a lot of brush hairs and cracks in this oil painting……..maybe those weren’t brush hairs after all……..Van Gogh must have had a cat.

Ok, I must get to the day’s drawing results. A sweet, kind Facebook friend of mine has given me permission to paint her beautiful rose breasted cockatoo, Bambi. Here is the drawing on the watercolor paper, in my Otto Paper Stretcher. I usually edit it out, but for those who have an interest in how I keep my paintings flat, you might want to see it.  This one is for you Holly!!!Bathing Beauty




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