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The rain did not last, and the heat and humidity did – that is Arizona for you! That is why we live here, LOL! Weeelllllll………as you can see, a couple of babies have appeared and the male is starting to make it’s way into the painting. SO now it is time for some feedback from you! Please help me come up with a name for this painting. My great store of cleverness has seemed to abscond, along with most of my mind….so if you see my brain out there somewhere, please send it home. In the meantime, put your brains to work and help me come up with a Title for this painting! I decided, with the help of Michael Johnson to name the Cactus Wren Painting “WRENoir”. Now, Shirley, I hear the gears going, can NOT wait to see what you come up with. Debi, now that you are home and the broken arm is on the mend, I expect GREAT things from you too! Dina, I know you are too busy starting your own business, but spare me a few minutes! And the rest of you………stop with the popcorn fights and spraying each other with Mountain Dew and put your brains to work for a few minutes…..Oh no…….the smoke is starting to fill the room…….Argh! I can’t breathe……Ok, never mind, those brains are  a little rusty, maybe we can try again next session!



Comments on: "And then there were…………Quail!" (7)

  1. Debi Bell said:

    Will see what I can do. I forget what a flock of quail are called…is it covey? Will get back to you on it.

  2. nutsfortreasure said:

    Beautiful! We are even hot here in NH but ours is not a DRY HEAT lol

    • LOL, in July it is not really a Dry Heat here either despite what you hear!

      • nutsfortreasure said:

        I was laughing as I typed it lol

        My lips got so cracked the first time we spent 6 weeks in Stanton in a tent I was never thirsty 😦 Your monsoons will arrive when Aug/Sept.? to me a 110 in the shade is still too damn hot lol

      • The monsoons start July and are usually over by Aug. I say monsoons with tongue in cheek, we may get rain 1 or 2 times during this time, LOL.

      • nutsfortreasure said:

        Oh OK I know areas out by Stanton and Wickenburg Have huge washes we search for Gold in boy when it rains no way out which is why we go in Nov. and Dec. that and not so many snake 🙂 One year we camped for 6 weeks so dry and ugly following year everything had bloomed and there was green everywhere even looked like grass 🙂

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