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Everywhere a chick, chick…..

Almost done! Just a few more picky details to finish, but thought I would post before the busy week gets started! SO unless you guys come up with a GREAT title, guess this will be “Everywhere a Chick, Chick…..”. The lines are still open – get your chance to name a painting!!!


A chick here, a chick there……..

Have you guys had enough of the “Oops I did it again!” posts? So does that tell you how my day started. The parrots were running out of stuff for their breakfast, I had to do a QUICK store run and VOILA, as I am walking into the store I see green paint all over my arm. Luckily, these days the stores all have the wipes at the front of the store. But I shudder to think of the green paint trail that could have traced my path through the store. SO what went wrong, you say. No one in my family was here to do the customary “Mom is leaving the house poop and paint check”. Of course, I cannot be bothered with that (even if by some chance I could happen to remember)………so I came up with a great idea. You guys are going to be responsible for the “leaving the house” check when my family is not available. Now that this issue is settled once and for all, the quail have all appeared, and the time is here to call on ……….Beenie to do the fore”ground”. This will be a messy process, so I suggest that for this session, you remember to bring any of your protective gear, umbrellas, and stand back! While you run for cover, I will prepare the colors for Beenie………wait Beenie, not purple……..Arghhhhh…..NO! Chartreuse is definitely out……….Orange! No! What are you thinking?……..

And then there were…………Quail!

The rain did not last, and the heat and humidity did – that is Arizona for you! That is why we live here, LOL! Weeelllllll………as you can see, a couple of babies have appeared and the male is starting to make it’s way into the painting. SO now it is time for some feedback from you! Please help me come up with a name for this painting. My great store of cleverness has seemed to abscond, along with most of my mind….so if you see my brain out there somewhere, please send it home. In the meantime, put your brains to work and help me come up with a Title for this painting! I decided, with the help of Michael Johnson to name the Cactus Wren Painting “WRENoir”. Now, Shirley, I hear the gears going, can NOT wait to see what you come up with. Debi, now that you are home and the broken arm is on the mend, I expect GREAT things from you too! Dina, I know you are too busy starting your own business, but spare me a few minutes! And the rest of you………stop with the popcorn fights and spraying each other with Mountain Dew and put your brains to work for a few minutes…..Oh no…….the smoke is starting to fill the room…….Argh! I can’t breathe……Ok, never mind, those brains are  a little rusty, maybe we can try again next session!


Quail WIP….It’s raining it’s pouring

     Rain in Arizona, LOL, not something you normally picture. It is monsoon season though, and with the rising humidity, we do OCCASIONALLY get some rain! There is nothing like the smell of the desert after a rain.  No Debi, it is not Dessert time, well it does smell better then a dessert, Ok, maybe it is a dessert since it happens at the end of the rain……wait… chocolate smells pretty good too.  Hmmmmmmm……think I will go have some chocolate while you take a peek at the latest update. It’s raining, it’s pouring, lalala……..

New WIP….Gambel’s Quail Family

It is a lot of work being a parrot servant and slave, especially when there are five of them……My sister, Debi is getting to see this in action, LOL! They have tried to get her into the act, but since her arm is broken, they have not had much luck getting her to run errands, cook and clean, but they do talk to her a quite a bit. It seems like they have been doing a good job of keeping her entertained anyway. She is improving daily and will be heading home to New Zealand soon. 

Hope you all went to the Alex Foundation Website to buy raffle tickets to help make this a great fundraiser!

Even having company has not stopped the creative flow here. The new painting of the Gambel’s Quail family is well on it’s way. Excuse me just a minute, the cat wants in…..just another minute, Loki wants her afternoon treat…..hang on another second, Debi needs a drink….just another second, Tinkerbelle wants some sunflower seeds…..another minute, the other cat wants a treat……..oh, now Sunny and Charlie need a treat……oh, there goes the doorbell – more flowers for Debi…….hang on, there goes the phone, just more get well wishes for Debi…….now where was I???? Oh yes, the Quail WIP. The plants behind the quail are in, and I need to work on the background, which will take a little uninterrupted time since I want some NICE wet paper to work the background. OK, does everyone have what they need for a few minutes, here goes the WAAATEEEER. What do you mean you need a drink, No Loki, you can’t have a snack right now, go take a nap Birdie………Where are my earplugs?!?!?!?!??!

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