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Here is the progress from this week, Sirocco is starting to peek out of the non existent foliage, LOL. But being the imaginative audience that you are, just picture it for now. The fun part is just starting – all the negative painting of the feathers. As you can see, the dark area is in now, lots of juicy watercolor. Don’t forget, you can click on the photo to see it a lot larger!
WOW, it has been a busy week for rehabbing. Our area has had a lot of wind, the birds are out there doing their “bird” thing, so there are lots of orphans who have been blown out of the nests, with no sign of parents. Add the usual injuries to this and it keeps a lot of volunteers hopping at Liberty Wildlife. The weather is so confusing this year, it doesn’t seem to be able to decide whether it is going to be warm or cold, dry or rainy, I am soooooo confused, don’t know whether to wear long pants or shorts, sweater or short sleeves. Maybe by next weeks blog the confusion will sort itself out, LOL. Meanwhile back to painting…..



Comments on: "Vanishing Species WIP Continued….." (1)

  1. So far so good, can’t wait for the finish art. Good day Nonoy Manga

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