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DEJA VU………for those of you who have been following my blogs, this will be a lot like a blog I wrote about “What do people think when I leave the house with parrot poop on my clothing?” Just substitute ‘watercolor’ for ‘parrot poop’ and ‘arm’ for ‘clothing’ and you will have an inkling of what I did today……LOL. Well guess now my family will have to add to the poop inspections before I leave the house, and put watercolor on the growing list. Some days it just doesn’t pay to leave the house. And what did I ever do without a family to keep me on the straight and HUMBLE!?!?!?!? Guess that is what families are for. At least you know if I had watercolor on my arm, I was working on the WIP today… so here is the progress report. Who knows what we will have to add to the family inspection of Mom leaving the house next?!?!?!??!


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