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Halloween is almost here, but this little guy needs to stop looking like a ghost, so just for you, I started the eyes!

He is starting to look like an owl now. Almost hear that little beak clacking. Let’s try adding the eye color and working the fuzzy feathers a little more and see what happens with this guy!

My goodness, he looks like he sees a mouse! Aaargh, hope there is not a mouse under my chair. Kitties, help! Where are the darn cats when you need them! Probably off taking a nap somewhere. Isn’t that just like a cat…have you ever noticed that when a cat enters a room full of people, he makes a beeline for THE one person in the room who is allergic to cats, then proceeds to rub all over the hapless victim. If there is not an allergic person available, the cat will zero in on the one person who dislikes cats, and will start purring and demanding to be petted by that particular person. They totally crack me up, LOL! Meanwhile, back at the painting, just some adjustments in shadow to shape the critter, and a few final color touches and this one will be ready to sign! Since the parrots still have the recent modeling contract negotiations fresh in their memories, think I will work on a drawing of a raven. Have been wanting to do another Black and white charcoal, so think a raven could work out well…….as long as there is no communication between the parrots and the raven, don’t need another strike on my hands this soon!



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