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Here he is about done, just have to let him gel for a few days and see if anything jumps out at me, LOL!

SO………you are probably wondering “What is next?” See, I really am psychic, Ok, so NOT! But …….Drum rollllll………next I am going to work on a raven in Charcoal, then I have  very special project planned, am just waiting for some ref photos, CUZ this guy is endangered. NO! It is a surprise. On most of the endangered species, I have to use ref photos from one of the organizations that works with that particular species, unless you guys want to take up a collection so that I can travel…..You will……..why that is great……. Ok, pass the hat!!! Whoooo Hooooo, I can’t wait……………Ok, lets see….. a penny, a marble, and a game token….Thanks guys, don’t think I will get very far on that, but the thought was VERY NICE!!!! Guess I will have to wait for the ref photos!


Comments on: "GHO Baby WIP – Voila!" (1)

  1. Arlene. I loved your baby bird. Very well done. I will get in touch with you over the holidays.
    The board if working on ideas of doing presentations to our membership when we do not have a demo or anything else going on, and I was thinking of our discussion last year about presenting business ideas for artists. This would be a perfect forum for us to work together. These would be short presentations just after the business meeting. we are working hard to shorten the meetings and last month we had 85 people present at our board meeting!!! Jerry Stitt did his demo and we had a lot of fun. take care. Sherry Kimmel

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