Arlene Powers Bird Art and Discussion Site

Arleenie Beenie decided to show up today to help with the background for the Birdie painting. Thought you would like to see our guest painter, so snapped a little photo for you. Now as I have said before, the Beenie gets kind of carried away with painting and gets a LITTLE messy, so I hope you have all remembered to bring rain ponchos, plastic, or umbrellas. Due to the unorthodox painting style the Beenie uses, I have taken the time to mask the edges of Birdie, and cut a piece of paper to put over the painted area for protection.

 Once this has been accomplished, I let the Beenie take over. I will sit in the peanut gallery with you guys and try to describe the process. First Arleenie Beenie uses the big brush you see pictured, and TOTALLY covers the paper with plain water. Then, she starts splashing paint (blue and red, I believe) onto the paper. OK, she is now heading towards the peanut gallery. It looks like the people in the front row are pretty much covered with purple paint splotches. Meanwhile, the painting is just starting to dry, she takes a spray bottle filled with water, and sprays up into the air over the painting. Oops, the front row just got sprayed with the spray bottle. Oh, no, it looks like the folks in the second row got it too. ER, excuse me while I move to the back of the room…….she is going crazy with the spray bottle. Whoever brought the popcorn today forgot to cover it. I hope the spray doesn’t make it back here! Well, guess I had better stop her before a paint fight breaks out! BEENIE!!!! That is enough for now!!!!! Thanks for the help, I have it under control, you can go back to the farm until we need you again! Say “Hi” to all the Beenie family. Yes, give Uncle Admiral Navy Beenie a Big hug! Of course give hugs to all the cousins! (String Beenie, Green Beenie, Kidney Beenie, Jelly Beenie, and Chili Beenie[he is such a GAS]) Ok, we will see you again soon! Phew! Ok, well, here it is. 

We never know if the paintings will survive the Beenie treatment, so one more survives and now just needs some minor adjustments to be ready to sign. The good news for those of you now sporting purple splotched hair, is that we did not use staining paint, so that watercolor should wash right out………uh what………Oh……ummmmmmm…..sorry……….. well I guess the red is a stainer…..uh, Ok, er um, the good news is that the blue is not a staining color, so you will only have red splotches in your hair. Uh what did you say??? You didn’t want red splotches in your hair. It will go away in a few weeks, er um months…………Maybe Ripley is ready for human clients.



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