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Great news, there have been some positive steps in the negotiations with Birdie. His pay has been expanded to include more pistachios, and he does NOT have to eat all of his broccoli. SO for now a strike has been averted and we will move forward with the WIP as soon as Arleenie Beenie can make an appearance to help finish the background. The parrot union has approved the new contract, so hopefully we will not have any problems with this issue when the Tinkerbelle the parrotlet WIP is conducted.

In further breaking news…..

Candy is still covered in bandages, so our location on Tuesday is still in doubt. Candy remains positive saying, and I quote,” At least I will have a Halloween costume.” But she does reiterate – No Gum allowed at the Tuesday With Candy Blog.

Speaking of cats, this announcer, would like to bring up a subject, which has long been hidden by cat owners. At least by long haired cat owners. What is up with cats tracking litter all over the house. Dante, the Tuxedo Kitty is a long haired cat, with the cutest little tufts of fur on his paws, but he insists on dragging cat litter with him everywhere he goes. We put a floor mat next to the cat box, and he ABSOLUTELY refuses to wipe his paws every time he leaves the box. Needless to say, guess who jumps into our bed after we are asleep at night. Hubby sleeps (snores) all night and I wake up in the middle of the night laying on annoying little grains of cat litter. Since having this cat, I have developed a GREAT sympathy for the Princess in the “Princess and the Pea” story. If there is one grain of litter in the bed, it is always where it will produce the maximum discomfort. You have to give it up for short haired cats, they do not trail cat litter everywhere. Needless to say, the parrots in the house have no sympathy. They just laugh.

Good night for now and see you all back at the WIP tomorrow…….



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