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One show hung, one to go!!! Sept 3, we hang another show (a two person show this time) at the Beatitudes, in the Bistro. The 12 pieces will be there until Nov 30. In between all this matting, framing, and general craziness, paintings are still progressing. Here is a look at the Spix Macaw painting I am working on, hope to get it done in time to send to Loro Parque for the Big Bird Conference there in September. Spix

I have lost count on the cat hair/arlene battle as I have been framing so many pieces the last month or so…let me tell you though, there are definitely cat hairs in most of the drawings/paintings. Just when I think I have it nailed, another one appears…..I think it is Cats 24 – Arlene 0 about now. And just when you thought things were settling down…….along comes the feather storm. My floors are covered in down feathers….it looks like it is snowing in August. AND, YES, they make their way into everything too. I took some kickstarter packages to the US PO the other day and white down feathers were drifting off the package, LOL! The Post Office worker looked AT ME KIND OF FUNNY….SHE MUST NOT HAVE BIRDS, LOL! So how does she find excuses to go to the art store to buy new pencils and brushes?!?!?!?!?


Comments on: "I owe, I owe, so off to work I go!" (2)

  1. I started teaching one of my greys to whistle “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to work I go” He is stuck on the first two notes, but I heard him practicing when he thought I wasn’t around. With all four of my birds molting, it’s definitely a feather storm here too!

    • LOL, isn’t it funny how they practice when they think you are not around!!! They are sneaky little guys! I just know at night while I am asleep, they are all on my computer taking over the whole world! Just think this post could be one of my parrots posting while I am away from home!

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