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Woody5The kids are driving me crazy! Your turn! Not even one worm?????? This painting needs a cute name, and even though I have been cogitating, nothing is coming through! Ideas are being accepted – If you have a cute name for this painting, PLEASE feel free to suggest one! The 112 degree heat has fried my brain, LOL. Weeeeeellllll….Candy is telling me to step away from the painting, so for now the Woody’s are done.

It is that time of the year again……….I will be doing a kickstarter project in the next few weeks to help pay for prints and cards of the upcoming “Blue Birds of Happiness” series, so stay tuned! Details to follow. In the meantime – stay cool!


Comments on: "Ok, Dear, it is your turn to babysit!" (2)

  1. universalpeacepipedreamer said:

    Hi, 112, Wow ! I love the woodpeckers, reminds me of a young gentleman caller knocking on the door, knock,knock ? Good luck with the kickstarter project. Peace J.A.M.

  2. Debi Bell said:

    What a relief, I’ve been holed up all day… Or “I promise, the kids are fine” “I’ll fly away oh glory” “Release”

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