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Mr. and Mrs. Woody

WoodyMr. and Mrs. Woodpecker are on the way! As promised, the photos from the Botanical Gardens are processed, the “just right” shot chosen, and the happy little family is making it’s way into watercolor. The masking for the whites has been applied (which looks tan to you) and the sahuaro is emerging. I could hear a tiny little buzzing sound from inside the cactus, so the eggs have recently hatched, the guys are just not old enough to render the “woodpecker screech” yet!  If you think these guys are noisy, you are right. Woodpeckers believe that any medical procedure applied to them is torture, and have a tendency to LOUDLY protest! We manage to survive with most of our hearing intact and are able to rehab many of them and return them into the wild, where they can drum, screech, and continue their noisy assaults upon the world. You gotta love them though, as they busily bore holes in your wood looking for insects. You really did not need that wall or roof intact did you? Enjoy as the male flashes his red top at you and pecks away, giving the rest of the bird world holes for their nests. When it DOES happen to rain, and you are deluged with water coming through the roof, just smile as you think of all the little birds and critters who now have homes, Thanks to Woody. What is a little rain in your house anyway!?!?!?


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