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Another Day, Another Cat Hair

Wilson's WarblerHelp, I am drowning in cat hair!!! Or is that cat fur? OK, I promise, I won’t go on another rant about cat hair, even if I am drowning in it. Hey, it is not like the cats can help it, and it is not like the birds don’t put out their share of feathers. BUT…..cats being cats, I suspect that as soon as I go to sleep, they jump up on my art desk and rub all over my painting in progress…just to get me started. Like I said, though, I won’t go there today and nothing you can do will make me start a rant about cat hair.

Here is the start to the Wilson’s Warbler painting. This is the last of the native bird series for this year. Stay tuned….more to come next year. But have to get a few parrots done first!

Whoooooo Hooooo! My Kickstarter Project is 100% funded now, so the fingernails can grow out again. A Great Big THANK YOU to all of the project backers. ‘Til the next time, may your cat hair brush off of your art easily!


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