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Awake after chemo week, New WIP – Squirrel, and Whooooo Hooooooo!


Squirrel – Pastel on Black multimedia paper

After this week’s chemo treatment, I slept until Friday, was up a couple of hours, back to sleep and I am actually awake today. The nice part about sleeping the week away is that I miss out on all of the nausea. SO ONLY four treatments to go!!! We are 2/3s of the way through. We meet with the oncologist next week, so hopefully will find more improvement!  Last week’s learning: I learned NOT to drink a large fresh veggie juice. Must start with smaller quantities. It really played havoc with the digestion system. All recovered, hubby survived all of the gas and complaining, and everything is back to the “new” normal.

SO thought I would try a pastel on the multimedia paper, since it is so rough. It seems to take many layers, and so far so good. See what you think. This is from a photo of a squirrel we saw on one of our Flagstaff trips. Am still to tired to bring out the camera and tripod, so this is a shot from my cell phone. Don’t forget to click on it for a larger view.

Ok, for my BIG news! Two of my artworks, ‘Raven’, and ‘Pottery Hands’ were juried into the yearly Glendale Council of Arts Show at Sahuaro Ranch. “Pottery Hands” won second place in drawing, and “Raven” sold. And you watched them right here as they developed. This is very exciting for me, as I have only won “Honorable Mention” in that show, and have never sold anything in it, so these are both firsts for me. And in a year where my focus is on getting well and doing art as therapy, it was very unexpected. So I am delighted, but the parrots are all saying, “Why didn’t you enter a parrot? How did silly human hands get a prize? Who would want to buy a RAVEN?” and the cats are saying “Why didn’t you enter a cat?…..”


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