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Raven WIP – Step Away From the Drawing!!!!

So one of the problems artists have is knowing when a work is completed. To us, it is never done, and we can keep tweaking forever. As I was tweaking with this drawing today, Candy said, “Step away from the drawing!!!” That is what we say to each other when the work is done, and we are just tweaking for our own sakes. I guess that means this one is done and ready to sign.

 Here is “The Raven”, and I will step away from the drawing, LOL! Any of you interested in Ravens as far as behavior, intelligence, sense of humor? Take a look at Bernd Heinrich’s books, “Mind of the Raven” and “Ravens in Winter”, they are both fascinating and chock full of info on ravens from their social organization, to intelligence from first hand observation. Great reads, both of them! And if you ever have the chance to work with ravens, I highly recommend the experience!

OK…..OK…Candy, just let me adjust this little area, Um…. I think it needs a little more dark here……WHAT do you mean step away, OK…….wait just one little area here…….yes…step….away…….


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