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The New Work In Progress a VERY Special WIP!

Having finally digested all that Thanksgiving dinner…….it is time to get back to work! OK, so it is not REALLY work, more fun than work, LOL, but back to the monkey business, I mean bird business at hand! Did you read the last few blogs, did you get a little hint that a very special WIP is coming up? Ta Daaaa, it is time to unveil the new WIP!!!! The next painting is going to be a Puerto Rican Amazon. For those of you who are not really bird people, but follow along anyway, the Puerto Rican parrot is one of the extremely endangered species on our planet. To learn a little more about this bird and one of the projects going to try to save the species, you might be interested in reading Ricardo Valentin’s blog at

Ricardo is graciously providing reference photos for this painting, which will be raffled off at the Houston Parrot Festival in Jan 2012. The funds raised will be split between the Puerto Rican Parrot Project and the Puerto Rican Genome Project. Mary Rose at will run the raffle and if she decides to do advance sales through the Arizona Seedcrackers Society, you will be the first to know!  Also, just a HEADS UP, there is another VERY Special WIP planned as soon as this is over, to be raffled off at the AFA convention in August! For a little hint, Barbara Heidenreich will be doing a special presentation on this bird at the AFA convention.

If you are thinking, “Where is the photo this week?” you will have to wait a day or two, it has just been drawn up, and is too light to photograph well at this point. SO guess I had better get back to the drawing board…I mean painting easel….work desk…….um something. Hey Sunny stop chewing up my brushes! LOKI, paint is not good to eat, CHARLIE, STOP chewing up my paper. Birdie, you know the pencils don’t taste good…..Aaaaaaaargh, maybe it is time for another art store trip, hmmmmmm……


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