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Anna's HummingbirdDone….Da…Done…Done….Doooonnnnnneeeee!(To the Tune of “Dragnet”) The story you are about to see is true……the names were changed…. Oh Hi! That is just Candy again….she got tired of chanting, “Step Away from the Painting Arlene!” and started with the Done..da..done…done. I think she is trying to tell me something. Well. here it is, you can see for yourself!

My Kickstarter Project is 87% funded now with 13 days left to go! If you know any Bird Art lovers, please share!

Where is Defeat?!?!?!?

Anna'sOk, maybe I should have spelled it “de – feet”……but they are on the way. Hummingbird feet are so small, I saved them for last. They will probably be the most challenging part of the painting. So while Mr. Hummer takes a little sip of nectar, I will try to find his feet. Hope you have enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend!

A head in the blooms…….

Anna's HummnigbirdIt was really hard to drag myself away from painting to get a photo, but here is an update of the Anna’s hummingbird. SO how did they know the hummingbird belonged to Anna, they all look alike to me, LOL! Yes it is still ghostly, but won’t be for long! Hang in there. Meanwhile…..back to the painting! Hummm, hummm, hum….

Blue Jay………..Cont……… Again

Whoooooo Hoooooooo! My Kickstarter Project has gone live and you can check it out here:

Blue JayPlease share with anyone who loves birds and who might be willing to back the project! Thanks! In the meantime, here is the latest update on Blue Jay. The painting is progressing even though I have had to spend time on getting the Kickstarter project going and filling out applications for all of the fall shows. Now it is just hurry up and wait to find out which shows will have Arlene’s Bird Art in them! There may be some fingernails left after all of the suspense…but don’t worry….you will be the first to get the breaking news!…….Live and breaking newsflash! Shirley Perkins has backed the Kickstarter Project! Whooo Hoooo, here we go!

Blue Jay……….Continued

Blue JayThe Blue Jay painting is progressing. He is looking like a ghost with white eyes, but we will fix that soon! So stay tuned…….In the meantime, I have submitted a Kickstarter project to raise funds to scan the “Native Bird II” paintings, and to print cards and Giclées for this series. In addition to the three Jay paintings and the Woodpecker couple I am hoping to get in at least one Humming Bird and a Wilson’s Warbler to round out the collection. If the Kickstarter project is approved, I will be asking for all of your help and support. So sit back have some popcorn, a Mountain Dew, and you will be the first to get the latest breaking news.

Blue Jay

BlueJayStarted the Blue Jay this week. You never know If I will start with the background or the subject, it seems that this time, the paper wants the background first, and an artist MUST listen to the paper! It has been a busy summer at Liberty Wildlife, the babies are still coming in! Here are a few photos of last weeks patients. First the baby Cottontails, they are just WAY too cute! Next, a Kingbird with cataracts who is being hand fed. What a little cutie. Then the baby Mockingbirds, who are FULL of personality!!

We visited the Lava Caves in Flagstaff and had a great adventure last weekend. Looking forward to the next trip there! Hope you all have a great summer and stay cool!

Two – fer

Courting JaysSince this has been a crazy week, you get a two-fer, that is two updates in one post! The “Courting Jays” have reached the stage where Candy is saying, “Step Away From the Painting!”, so guess it is time to call it finished! It was too crazy in medical services this week to get any “cute” baby bird photos from Liberty Wildlife, so you will just get painting update photos this week! Ripley, the African grey Parrot is visiting this week, so the gourmet meal service to the parrots is in high gear. The search for the subject of the next “Blue Birds Of Happiness Series” is going on now, as I search my massive store of photos for the one that looks JUST Right to paint! In the meantime check out the finished painting while I go clean a few parrot cages and vacuum the floor……again! Hey you guys…..stop throwing that gourmet fruit salad all over…….who just spilled the water?????……No it is not time for a nut……you want a grape!?!?!??!?!??!Courting Jays

Blue Birds of Happiness

Courting JaysWelcome to the next painting in the “Blue Birds of Happiness” series. Got this photo in Ramsey Canyon, a couple of Mexican Jays exhibiting courting behavior. It is awesome to be able to capture a behavior rather than paint a bird sitting on a branch, LOL! BTW, the last painting of the Gila woodpeckers has a name! “Gila Hacienda”, Thanks for all of the suggestions, could not have done it without you! In the meantime this little piece needs a name, so suggestions are welcome!

We have been having a great summer, traveling, kayaking and of course…….shopping! Those of you who have liked my artist page on Facebook, , may have been seeing photos of the kayak adventure at Hoover Dam. If you have not, please take a look and catch up on all of the photos of different animals who have made their way to Liberty Wildlife to be healed so they can continue their life’s journey back in the wild. Here is a sample in case you missed them. Enjoy and have a great summer!


Just Steller

Just StellerThe first Bluebird is done, Candy is telling me to step away from the painting! So for my next number……..oops….. er, uh sorry, got carried away there. The next Blue Bird of happiness is…….drum roll……..going to be……….you guessed it…..after the commercial break. Actually, the next Blue Bird will be started after I get back from my travels the second week of June. In the meantime, hubby and I made a little trip to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens, where I saw a nesting pair of Gila Woodpeckers in a Sahuaro Cactus. I waited about twenty minutes to get a really good shot of the male poking his head out of the nest, while the female waited outside the nest. For all of you Woody fans, stay tuned for Mr. and Mrs. Woody!

If you LOVE photos of baby birds with a few squirrels and rabbits thrown in, please stop by my Facebook Artist Page at Hopefully you will find one of the rescues from Liberty Wildlife to fall in love with! This has been a fun project! I have tried to post four to five photos a week of the onslaught of cuteness we experience each spring during orphan care season. The hardest part is to pick the photos  – there are SO many cute babies coming in. It is such a pleasure and privilege to watch these critters grow up and see them released back into the wild. If you haven’t “Liked” my page, please do, you might be the one to put the “Likes” over 1300!

Blue Birds of Happiness!

Just StellerWelcome to the start of a new series, the Blue Birds of Happiness. I have been wanting to do this series for a long time, but did not have enough reference photos. So on our last trip to Estes Park, I got a great shot of a Steller’s Jay, which gave me enough material to start this series. The first photo (taken Monday) shows that I do not always do the subject first. Since this bird is in pine forest, I knew what color the background would be and decided to do it first. This involves extremely WET paper, watercolor pigments, spray bottle, sponge and a lot of splashing. I thought  it would be nice to do it before you guys came, so that you would not have to bring rain gear. It does get messy here! The next photo was taken today after working on it for a couple of days. This is one of the paintings that it is hard to leave, so sorry, that I did not stop and take more photos. The eyes are not done, and there is some shading that needs to be done, and some more work on the background, but it is shaping up!

Only a couple more weeks, and I will be starting a round of travel. Will try to keep the blogs rolling, even if it is photos for future paintings.

Having recently acquired two additional cats in the household (bringing the total to 4), cat hair is now included free in any artworks coming from my studio. Down feathers may also be included at no charge! The Tuxedo Kitty is vying for the world record for “Most Spoiled Kitty”. He is afraid of the other cats and refuses to leave our bedroom. Hubby has started providing room service, including “breakfast in bed” for this cat. He has his own litter box in the Master bath, and his own kitty perch in the bedroom. DO you think if I refused to leave the room?!?!??!?!? Hmmmmmmm….breakfast in bed………what would I do with my own catbox??……… service though……hmmmmmmmmm………..Just Steller

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