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The Woodys are back!

WoodycaWe are baaaaack! A week in Texas, a few days in Las Vegas, it is getting hot, and ……………. wait let me explain……….by HOT, we mean HOT. It is running in the 108 to 112 degree range here in AZ. But it is a dry heat you say! LOL, yeah like the heat of an oven. And this is just the beginning, it has been known to get up to 121 in June here in AZ! So yes, it will get hotter…..but, hey….that is why we live in Arizona. Even though I did not have time to blog, a little bit of painting DID get done, LOL! The Woody’s are ALMOST done. Just a few details and the sky to go there. Thanks to Candy for taking a photo so you could see the current update! Once the vacation laundry is finished and the bird papers are all changed, I will post today’s progress. In the meantime, STAY COOL!


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