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Two – fer

Courting JaysSince this has been a crazy week, you get a two-fer, that is two updates in one post! The “Courting Jays” have reached the stage where Candy is saying, “Step Away From the Painting!”, so guess it is time to call it finished! It was too crazy in medical services this week to get any “cute” baby bird photos from Liberty Wildlife, so you will just get painting update photos this week! Ripley, the African grey Parrot is visiting this week, so the gourmet meal service to the parrots is in high gear. The search for the subject of the next “Blue Birds Of Happiness Series” is going on now, as I search my massive store of photos for the one that looks JUST Right to paint! In the meantime check out the finished painting while I go clean a few parrot cages and vacuum the floor……again! Hey you guys…..stop throwing that gourmet fruit salad all over…….who just spilled the water?????……No it is not time for a nut……you want a grape!?!?!??!?!??!Courting Jays


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