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Through Horsing Around…..For Now!

Got Carrots?

Got Carrots?

We are all trying to decide if we are still living in Arizona…….the wind has been blowing like crazy and we are wondering if we have been blown to Kansas?!?!?!??! Anyone see Toto? Once again we got our customary 16 inches of rain! Drops of rain 16 inches apart! It sure makes a mess of the cars! They are looking kind of like giant mud balls. The kids should have fun writing “Wash Me!” all over them. Hopefully the mud balls don’t get together with my dust kitties! Watch out tumbleweeds!

The Arabians have eyes now and it is about time to step away from the painting! Stay tuned!


About through Horsing Around?!?!?!?

We had a lovely vacation at the Bootstrap in Roundtop, Texas. The Bootstrap is a refurbished farmhouse on a few scenic acres of land in Central Tx. We visited with relatives, relaxed, played dominoes and had some good old Texas Cooking. Early each morning a Northern Cardinal tapped on the window. Then the camera hunt began. I chased down the cardinal, meadowlarks, chickadees, kestrels, jackrabbits, horses and anything moving with my camera. Over the next year or so, some of these images will make it into paintings. In the meantime, you are welcome to browse through some of my photos at hope you enjoy!

ArabianWIP4So the colored pencil drawing is about done, and the next watercolor will also be of horses. Got a good shot of a couple of the yearlings at the Arabian farm tours. Bird lovers, never fear, have several good shots lined up! So stay tuned, you never know what critter will be turning up around here!

Horsin’ Around……….Cont.

ArabianWIP3Just a quick update, more layers added and more of the burnishing is done…….stay tuned!

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