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What is up with Mondays?!??!? Eagles and stuff

No work on the WIP today, had a toothache all weekend, went to the dentist – yup, you guessed it root canal. So as I sit here with my jaw feeling like it is swollen out three feet from the Novocain, I find it a little hard to paint since it feels like my jaw will get in the way of my brushes, LOL. So once again, I am going to post one of my old FB discussions. They are going to be removed as of Oct 31, so there are a couple more worth preserving, will get them transferred over here during the week.

Several of my charcoal drawings and one of my colored pencil drawings have been of Bald Eagles. How can you fail to be fascinated by these majestic birds? Until I started volunteering at Liberty Wildlife, my relationship with eagles consisted of sightings at the local zoo. However, I loved looking at photos of them and watching any Nature show having to do with eagles. Little did I know that some day I would be up close and personal with them. My first encounter at Liberty Wildlife was, of course, with Libby. She is our education eagle who has helped bring Wildlife Education to many children (and adults) in the state of Arizona. She is a charming ambassador and a great model. She has posed for many photos which have allowed me to study her from all angles! I also have had help from Terry Stevens who has photographed Libby extensively and also has let me use photos he took in Alaska of the wild eagles there. Another excellent photographer, Dale Taylor has let me use reference photos. He travels extensively and takes photos all over the world.
Volunteering in medical services, I have been privileged to assist with the care of several eagles who have come through Liberty Wildlife. I have been able to learn about the anatomical structure of the birds, their living habits and their temperaments. A couple of years ago, we were charged with the care of two abandoned eggs at Liberty. One of the chicks died, and the other fledged and was put back into the wild with foster parents to continue her education. A few have come in too down to help and others have come in, recuperated and gone back into the wild to live their lives. One day I hope to paint a release and to be able to put all of the emotion into it that we put into the care of each bird that comes our way.
When painting a subject, I always try to capture the personality. SO it is very important to understand the subject, their lifestyle and temperament,otherwise I would not feel the artistic connection as I try to depict birds and wildlife. As an artist, I am passionate about my subjects, and try to learn everything I can about them. If you haven’t noticed, I pay particular attention to eyes. Having always been taught that eyes are “the windows to the soul” it is hard to imagine touching the soul of a being without capturing the eyes. SO the “eyes” are one of the most important parts of the drawing or painting.
Art is my way of sharing this avian passion, and my continual hope that every line and drop of paint seethes with the love of the birds.

Now think it is time for an ice pack and a nap – what is up with Mondays anyway!!!!


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