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Raven WIP Continued…..

Weeellllll…….the Audubon show is done, had a great weekend, met a LOT of nice bird folks and it is getting close to Thanksgiving. Where did this year go?????? Apologies for not blogging last week, it was crazy getting ready for the show! But the good news, is………RAVEN update!

SO the eyes and beak are in, a lot of work is done on the body and it is moving along.

Now for a word from our sponsors! There were a few prints and cards left from the show last weekend, so I have put them up on the website on the “Cheap Cheeps” page. Oh, yes what is the website address:

They would make great gifts for any of your other bird friends, they support great birdie organizations, and they support and feed your friendly local blogger!

BTW, I will be sitting the show at Arizona Artist Guild this Sat from 12 to 4 if anyone would like to stop by and visit! Info on the website!

Meanwhile back at the blog! Don’t forget, you can click on the photo to see a larger view. It is hard to see these little tiny squares that fit into the blog page. It makes you think it is time to get a pair of new glasses squinting at this stamp size photo! Hopefully The Raven will be finished this week, before he decides to fly off! See ya next week!



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