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Done went and done it!

Red Fronted MacawsOr done, done, done, done,………..DOOONNNEEEEE! MingusGuess it is hard to show singing on a blog, unless you use a video, LOL. Since there is not much chance of that happening today, you will just have to settle for some photos of the 99% finished pieces. The piece is NOT really done until it is signed, and some minor details could change between now and then. Hopefully you will be THRILLED to learn that the Red Front Macaw Piece is going to be raffled off. Mary Rose from Chirping Central has agreed to run the raffle and the winning ticket  will be drawn at the Parrots International Convention later this year. All funds raised will be donated to the Association Armonia Red Fronted Macaw Project. Of course details will be available right here on the blog as they unfold!!! So stay tuned!

SO what about Mingus??????? The painting is done, and I am still awaiting a very special guest blog to give you more details. In the meantime,there are some subtle hints in the painting. Type of bird, type of flowers …….so put your thinking caps on, sit back, enjoy the painting, and ……..Stay tuned! Don’t forget you can click on the paintings to see a larger version!


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