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Cardinal WIP – Continued

OK, so I wrote this GREAT, funny, blog – then went to add the photo of the Cardinal update and everything disappeared! Don’t cha just HATE it when that happens! Well, I do…..anyway, will try to remember what I wrote, but you know, the more years I stay age 49, the shorter my memory gets. Speaking of being 49, Candy had her 60th birthday this weekend, and today just happens to be Tuesday. You know what that means – yup, we are painting with an “OLD” lady on Tuesdays now. So after slaving over the parrot breakfast and making sure they all have plenty of clean water and treats, we get to spend some time painting with the elderly. Now that Candy is getting up there in age, you all will have to be especially good on Tuesdays, we wouldn’t want make her grumpy! SO far she has survived all of the “OLD” jokes and we actually managed to get some paint on the paper.

The cardinal should be able to be wrapped up soon. Just needs a lot of shading and some more detail in the foreground shrubbery. Go Cards….oops, a slip of the keys, that is football not painting. Well, if you will excuse me for now, the parrots are wanting dinner served………What do you mean I did not give you enough pistachios, no Sunny did not get more than you did…….yes, I counted them…….more grapes, Ok, I will get some……you want yours medium well….Birdie, please stop teasing Tinker-belle…..Loki, not so loud, the neighbors will be reporting us for disturbing the peace…….what is that?????……..wish I knew!


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