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Cactus Wren WIP…….Taaaaa Daaaaaa

What an eventful weekend. We went to a Perry family reunion in Creede Co, expecting to have cool temps, and crisp, cool, air. The temps were much cooler than the 115 degrees we left in Arizona, but the air????? We passed two fires on the way to Creede and the valley was filled with smoke and cottonwood tree debris. It was GREAT to visit with family members we haven’t seen in two years, even though we were all coughing and choking…….of course, the Perry family cannot get together without the domino games and are they a competitive bunch!!!! We had some good BBQ, some of us rode horses, and a few of us ventured into town for a little shopping. My sister, Debi, was attacked by a vicious crack in the sidewalk. It jumped right up at her, tripped her, and she fell and broke her arm. We spent Sat afternoon in the emergency room in Del Norte to find out that Debi needed surgery. They made arrangements for her to see a Dr. as soon as we got back to Phoenix. She returned to the reunion late Sat night, just to get up the next day to make the trek back to Phoenix. On the way back, we passed another HUGE fire near Cortez. Wish I would have had some time to stop and take photos, we saw the helicopters dropping their loads and coming back to refill. Amazing. Debi has had her surgery, which went well, she is recovering among LOTS of prayers, cards, well wishes and flowers…..Aaachooooo………Aaaaaaaachooo. So she will be staying here next week, while her Hubby, Don, goes to Canada, then they will make the return trip to New Zealand. Aaaaaaaaachoooooo…..Aaaaachooooooo.

In the meantime……back at the ranch…It is time to “step away from the painting” as Candy says. Betcha thought with all of the activity and excitement that no painting would get done this week! Surprise, surprise, surprise. So we will wrap up this Cactus Wren and look for my next victim…….uh……I mean volunteer……..uh……….um………… hey, you should just be glad I paint birds!!!!


Cactus Wren WIP…… Merrily we roll along!

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