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Burrowing Owl WIP cont…….again


Rusty, a Red Tabby, a street kitty rescued from starvation, fleas and homelessness; Dante, a long haired Tuxedo Cat, shy, raised indoors from a kitten. These guys are best buds, opposites attracted, only having a residence in common. Rusty naps outside on a beautiful fall day in a sunny spot in the back yard. Rusty grins as Dante begs him to come back inside where it is safe and warm. Dante frantically scratches at the patio door, meowing to get the human’s attention to bring Rusty in from the dangerous wild area outside. Rusty stands, stretches walks a few steps closer to the house and settles back down for a nap. Dante calms down, thinking Rusty has come to his senses and is coming in to safety, then gets frantic again for his friend. The human hears the noise and opens the door to let Rusty in…….Rusty rolls over on his back and laughs at Dante and the foolish human. It is not anywhere near mealtime……………..This scene is a common one around our house. It only serves to reinforce my theory that animals have a sense of humor, especially cats, parrots and ravens. We are still trying to answer the age old riddle, why is a raven like a writing desk??????? Not being really good at riddles, think I will just laugh and go on.

As you can see the Burrowing Owl painting is advancing, it may even be finished in the next week. Oh… I hear some scratching at the door and Dante is meowing, better go check to see if Rusty is ready to come in!


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