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Burrowing Owl Finished!

So today, you get ……..Two……TWO BLOGS IN ONE!!! Took an “almost done” and a “FINISHED!” photo. I have been remiss in introducing the model for this painting,Frodo, the resident Education Burrowing Owl at Liberty Wildlife. Frodo is very imprinted and very beloved by all of the volunteers at Liberty Wildlife. She has outdoor and indoor enclosures and spends time indoors when it is too hot or too cold. She is aging (14 years old I think) and so is treated very gently.  You could even say Frodo is just a little spoiled by all of the love and attention given her. Believed to be a male until “she” laid eggs a few years ago, LOL, Frodo always has her little “happy sounds” ready to make when given attention. She is a delight to know and has graced thousands of children(Ok, and adults too!) with her wisdom and charm during her stint as an Education Representative from Liberty Wildlife.


Burrowing Owl……….Cont….

Here is today’s update on the burrowing owl………I know TWO updates in one week! Just trying to get one in while there is time! Life around here is subject to immediate changes, so always be prepared. I hear splashing in the other room! That means it is bath-time for the birds! If one starts bathing, pretty soon it is a BATHFEST! So guess who gets to clean up afterwards! Sounds like I had better grab the mop! Later!

Burrowing Owl WIP


The Burrowing Owl painting has been started. It was quite a job to dig myself out of the paper-mache this week, as the parrots continue to chew their way through any and all papers. They are also working on wood, nutshells, toys and anything in their reach. Birdie seems to think night time is a really great time to work on her nest of chewed up newspapers. I heard sounds like chicken clucking coming from her cage and looked inside to find Birdie’s head sticking through a hole she had chewed in a piece of newspaper. It was just TOO funny! Of course, the newspaper does not stay in the cage so well when it is chewed, so it falls to the floor, leaving several inches of chewed up newspaper on the floor a day. AS LONG AS they stick with newspaper and leave my art paper alone, guess I can’t complain TOO much! Hope you enjoy following along with the Burrowing Owl WIP. See you soon with the next installment!

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