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Hands WIP – Finished!

Love’s Offering

Ok, I have to step away from the drawing……….am calling it finished, even though I still keep finding cat hairs on it! Thought I had them all off, then took the photo, and guess what!!!!! Those cats… respect!!!! So this will be the second Companion piece to “Working Man’s Hands”, have already started the drawing on the next one. Right now have material for five, but I still have one or two more ideas, so do not know how many will go in this series. Hands are just so INTERESTING! SO think I will do at least one more in this series before  going back to the birds! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend AND DON’T FORGET to buy your raffle tickets for the Kakapo painting!

Don’t wait until the last minute and forget………now is the best time!

Hands WIP …….. Almost Done!

This certainly went by fast! Maybe it was because I have been running at 5000 mph with my hair on fire, LOL! So when you click on it to view, please ignore the cat hairs…..that is why I said it is ALMOST done. I won’t go into a diatribe about cat hairs, so you can stick around for a few more minutes. Hey, don’t forget about the Kakapo painting raffle! Tickets are available on  They are only $1.00. Barbara Heidenreich’s Blue Fronted Macaw, Blu Lu, is going to draw the winning ticket at the AFA Conference in August. I know, you are waiting until the last minute to buy tickets, but get them now so you don’t forget to support this AWESOME project!!!! Meanwhile, I am going to put the hair fire out, OWWWWW, head burns……don’t forget…….tickets……..OWWWWW………AHHHHHH……..Phew, much better……Sunny, put the paint brush down……ARGH…..MORE cat hair….

The new Work In Progress

With all of the fur and feathers flying around here,it is time to take a break. Recently I completed the first of the “Hand” series with “Working Man’s Hands”, so thought I would go on to the second in this series of charcoal drawings examining hands.  Being so vital to us, it is hard to imagine what life would be like if we did not have the use of our hands. They communicate, express emotion, make art, music, and help us complete a myriad of tasks. They have so much character and are so full of expression. It is hard to keep from getting sappy while working on this series, so without further ado, here is the beginning. A tribute to emotion.

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