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The War with Cancer starts

It is hard to find any stops or time outs on the cancer train once it starts. I will post updates when possible. SO the chemo port is in, chemo starts next Monday and I am eager to get on with this battle. It would be remiss not to stop and thank all of you who have sent encouragement, prayers, positive thoughts, hugs and well wishes. You may not know it, but all of these e-mails, cards, calls, texts, FB comments, and blog comments have become my greatest weapon in the fight so far. The first part of the war involves “attitude”…..keeping a positive attitude is one of the keys to beating cancer. Every one of you who have given encouragement, have provided me with ammunition against self pity. During the chemo port installation, we were given the message that everything was running 45 minutes late. I was vulnerable to self pity, because my pain meds were going to run out and faced 45 minutes of increasing pain. Hubby gave me a big hug and said “It will be OK”, I turned away from him to have a good cry, then got a text from a friend sending hugs. I turned back to hubby and away from self pity and started thinking of all the well wishes. BOOM! Take that cancer! SO now every time I am vulnerable to self pity, I picture little ZAP! Boom! Pow! messages, think of my friends and say, “Take that cancer!” I feel like Adam West in Batman, LOL! Eat broccoli, then say POW! Take that cancer. So Thank you so much for the ammunition! ZAP! Take that cancer!


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