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Through Horsing Around…..For Now!

Got Carrots?

Got Carrots?

We are all trying to decide if we are still living in Arizona…….the wind has been blowing like crazy and we are wondering if we have been blown to Kansas?!?!?!??! Anyone see Toto? Once again we got our customary 16 inches of rain! Drops of rain 16 inches apart! It sure makes a mess of the cars! They are looking kind of like giant mud balls. The kids should have fun writing “Wash Me!” all over them. Hopefully the mud balls don’t get together with my dust kitties! Watch out tumbleweeds!

The Arabians have eyes now and it is about time to step away from the painting! Stay tuned!


Horsin’ Around……….Cont.

ArabianWIP3Just a quick update, more layers added and more of the burnishing is done…….stay tuned!

Still horsin’ Around!



The colored pencil is making progress, the intention is to get familiar with the color palette, then to do a watercolor. In this WIP, you can see several stages of colored pencil work. The layering process, then the burnishing process. It is very time consuming, this piece is 16″x22″, and you can see I am only about halfway through the drawing.

Is the weather in your area crazy? It is here this year. Rain in Arizona, showing up almost weekly….what will be next, snow in Phoenix!?!?!?!? It can’t quite decide whether to be warm or cool. The birdies seem to be loving it, I hear lots of evidence of bird procreation starting out there! The towhees have been chirping like crazy, and I think I hear a tiny little cheep from the nest…the Curved Bill Thrasher was out there singing his head off the other day, the woodpeckers are drumming, and the mockingbirds are starting to sing their best. Looks like spring is trying to get started here.

Stay tuned!

Just Horsin’ Around

ArabianHi! Water has been falling from the sky the last couple of days. Most Arizona residents had to go WAY back in our memory banks to recall the word “rain”.  As usual it is something we always need here in the desert. But I wonder why rain brings out all the wonderful drivers in the state. For some reason, when it rains in Arizona, everyone rushes out to their vehicles to drive somewhere. You would think with the slippery road conditions and flash floods that people would stay home. Not a rain goes by without someone getting caught in a wash. They think, “OH it is not that deep, I should be able to cross”, then the State Patrol is fishing them out of the middle of the flooded wash and they are the main attraction on the 6 o’clock news. This is a time I definitely try to stay home, curl up with a good book, a warm blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. Being the recluse that I am, it is a good thing to have a hubby who reads the paper and watches the news. This last January, he saw that the local Arabian Horse farms were having tours all weekend. SO we loaded up the cameras and went out to see what the tours were all about. These beautiful, graceful creatures with TONS of attitude managed to distract me from my birds for a few days. This WIP is my first effort at drawing an Arabian horse, and hopefully a few paintings will follow.


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