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Puerto Rican Amazon………onward and forward!

The Holidays are upon us and I don’t know where the year went! Barely used to writing 2011 and it is only a few weeks, uh days, until 2012. Anyway, since it will be a crazy week, am sure there will not be much time for the blog until after Christmas, soooooo…..Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, hoping the coming year is filled with joy, happiness, art and BIRDS!!!!!

Here is the update on the Amazon. The feather work is in, still need to give hime some shape and fill in detail. Blogging back at ya soon!


Puerto Rican Amazon WIP ……….Still Cont.

SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH………….be very quiet……………all of the parrots are asleep. One of the best things about having parrots around, no matter how noisy and jungle like it is in the daytime, as soon as night falls, everyone goes into their cages and goes to SLEEP! And it is quiet for a few hours until sunrise. Unless you make too much noise or have the lights on, then they jump into social mode and all of the squawking goes into full decibels. So if we keep the lights low and tiptoe around, it is VERY quiet here. Taking advantage of this, thought I would post the progress from today. Now that the bird is starting to emerge, it is coming along rapidly!

Well, back to the paint board – see ya soon with another update!

Puerto Rican Parrot WIP – continuing

Hello, it has been raining like crazy here…….for some of you, that may be normal. THIS is Arizona, the desert, so needless to say – very unusual weather we are having here. We still made the Trek to Candy’s house on Tuesday, and progress has been made! Ok, I will post the photo, Beenie, you don’t have to be so impatient! Clowns! Thanks Loki, that scream was right in my ear….Macaws!!! Guess I won’t be hearing anything for a little while. BTW, Thanks everyone for being on such good behavior, Candy did not have to throw us out Tuesday, and her cat, Missy, is still her normal color, no gum in her fur, and no food fights. That may be because a couple of our troublemakers were not there, LOL. YES, you know who you are…..Sisters and cousins! OK Beenie, I will post the photo! Nag, nag….

The beak is in, along with the nares, and the leaves are pretty well done. Just a hint of the lower bird body and a couple of talons. So we are progressing pretty well. Now you probably are starting to see why I usually let the Beenie do the background last. Have you tried painting while a clown hangs around looking over your shoulder and nagging? Oops, I mean giving you “constructive criticism? Owwwwww, my other ear….Beenie…….why don’t you take Sunny and Charlie in the other room before they start chewing my paintbrushes again…..Hey Charlie….that is art paper not newspaper…….Who let the cat out in the rain?!?!?!?!?

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