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Anna's HummingbirdDone….Da…Done…Done….Doooonnnnnneeeee!(To the Tune of “Dragnet”) The story you are about to see is true……the names were changed…. Oh Hi! That is just Candy again….she got tired of chanting, “Step Away from the Painting Arlene!” and started with the Done..da..done…done. I think she is trying to tell me something. Well. here it is, you can see for yourself!

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Where is Defeat?!?!?!?

Anna'sOk, maybe I should have spelled it “de – feet”……but they are on the way. Hummingbird feet are so small, I saved them for last. They will probably be the most challenging part of the painting. So while Mr. Hummer takes a little sip of nectar, I will try to find his feet. Hope you have enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend!

A head in the blooms…….

Anna's HummnigbirdIt was really hard to drag myself away from painting to get a photo, but here is an update of the Anna’s hummingbird. SO how did they know the hummingbird belonged to Anna, they all look alike to me, LOL! Yes it is still ghostly, but won’t be for long! Hang in there. Meanwhile…..back to the painting! Hummm, hummm, hum….

Me Too!

HummingbirdCandy is chanting : “Step Away from the Painting!” as I continue to find little tiny places for negative painting, so finally have to step away, LOL. Here are the last steps and the finished painting. The reference photo came from Ramsey Canyon during our trip there in May. We just missed migration, but did catch several species of hummingbirds nesting. This Broadbill family was just too good to pass up. We hope to get back there next year during migration.Mee Too!

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There is an article with links on the home page, a link on the scrolling banner on the home page (pic #2), and the ticket purchase option is in our SHOP (last tab on the horizontal menu) The drawing will be November 3, 2003

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Back to the Drawing Board… project….another hummingbird!

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