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On the cancer front there is finally some good news, after several months of rising numbers, the CEA count has finally gone from 456 to 428. Not a huge drop, but enough to hope that the protocol is working. All of your prayers, positive thoughts and good wishes are appreciate as I continue this battle.dream

Not sure who the customer is but I am on your left sans hair!

Dante has had a rough couple of weeks as he had bladder stones. One was fairly large, so into surgery he went, yowling all the way. We were surprised he still had a voice box after that trip. He has recovered nicely and is trusting us enough to hold and pet him again. Rusty just looks at him with disdain and thinks, ” Get it together man! Show some dignity!”dream1

If you missed my Artist Reception, there are plenty of chances to see it. The show will be open on Sundays from 10 to 11AM at the Beatitudes Church 555 W Glendale, Phoenix, AZ. The show will run until Nov 16, actually Nov 12 is the last Sunday. You can make arrangements to see the show during Church business hours by calling the church office and making arrangements. But, if you come on Sunday, you will likely see me peddling my glass ornaments. Mickey, this Eagle is available, it is smaller than the usual 23″ ones, the large hoop is 18″.

Stay tuned, you newer know what is going to happen around here!!!dream4


Comments on: "We Shall Overcome" (4)

  1. Hey Bert! ‘Sounds to me like the show has been a worthy investment, as is any time you display your work. Keep up the good work on your CEA. You’re in my prayers constantly. Love, Bert ❤

    • Hey Bert, You are rocking the blogging, I have a hard time keeping up when I don’t feel so well. Now I feel really good, but am back to my Rip Van Winkle Days! I am sleeping a lot.
      So Lots of Props to you for the blog, I love you and zzzzzzzzzzzz!

  2. Happy to hear the great news! Love you and miss you ! We will get together soon!!

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