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Carry On

I know you have wondering about the radio silence. Well, list’s just say without going into a lot of detail, I have been very sick. After a horrible bout with dehydration, the oncologist called and said I needed to get back in right away, my CEA was rising and the liver enzymes were way off. We started a new protocol, (weekly) which went for a month. Basically, it  is not working well, so we had been waiting for an insurance authorization for a new protocol. Just got the authorization today and will be starting new treatment tomorrow. Once again this one involves bringing home a portable unit for a day and night. SO I Will go in for treatment on Tuesday, come home with a portable unit, and go back in have the unit removed and get another treatment. Then I get a resting week. My only concern with this protocol is possible neuropathy. If it hits my hands, I will be very challenged to continue art work. So I am hoping for the best as always and thank you for all the prayers, good wishes and positive thoughts!

I have had some wonderful visitors! Thank you all for the encouragement! Hopefully next time, some photos of art or birds!!!!!


Comments on: "Carry On" (7)

  1. Arlene,
    You are handling all of this so well! You’re always in my thoughts…

  2. Your courage is so inspiring. You WILL carry on. I was recently pleased to have the winning bid of your “Sassy” print from The Oasis’s online auction. Can’t wait to receive it.

  3. So happy to hear from you again… hope the new protocol works wonders… always thinking about you and always praying for you. Maybe you should train those birds to paint so you can “dictate” your art to them and they can paint it for you… or something… Love you!

  4. You’re the Bertimus Maximus, especially at giving yourself time to rest and pray. I’ll be praying for your strength and healing too, Bert! Love you Bert. Signed, Bert

  5. Hoping for the best with this new protocol. Hugs.

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